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Our locksmiths at Mercury Keys are experts at making duplicate Mercury Keys and replacement Mercury Keys. What is the difference between a duplicate Mercury Key and a Mercury replacement key? A duplicate Mercury key will still allow any existing keys to continue to open and operate your Mercury. A replacement Mercury key will lock out any existing keys for your Mercury so that any existing keys for your Mercury will no longer function.

You will need to know if you want to order a duplicate Mercury key or a replacement Mercury key before you start the order process.

How to Order a Mercury Key

Follow the Paypal link below to order a Mercury Key. Our ordering system will take all of your information, process your order for your new Mercury key and email you a receipt. You will need your Mercury's exact Vehicle Identification Number and your Mercury's year, make and model to complete the order process.

Mercury Keys offers a 100% money back guarantee if you want to return your Mercury key for any reason.

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