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Mercury Transponder Keys

Mercury Keys has all Mercury transponder keys in stock, ready to be programmed to your Mercury. All Mercury transponder keys must be programmed to your specific Mercury, it takes less than 10 minutes, and is easy with our step by step instructions.

Once you program your Mercury transponder key to your Mercury, all of the previous keys will no longer operate the ignition. Previous door keys will still unlock the doors, but they will no longer start your Mercury. We sell all Mercury transponder keys for $50 plus shipping.

What is a Transponder Key

A Mercury transponder key has a RFID chip in the key. When you insert a Mercury transponder key into the ignition, the car sends a signal to the key asking for it's RFID code. If the key responds with the correct code, the Mercury will start. If the wrong code is returned, you cars ignition will be locked out for 20 minutes.

Mercury transponder keys are very secure and help prevent your Mercury from being stolen. Of course a car thief can still tow your Mercury away, or bypass the ignition system on your Mercury. The Mercury transponder key does make it harder for a car thief to steal your Mercury.

Mercury Keys has every Mercury Transponder key in stock and ready to ship to you immediately.